40+ World Changing Fitness Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Strategies for Building and Growing a Successful Business in the Health and Fitness Industry - Even In This Highly Competitive, Saturated Market. 
When it comes to building a fitness business, it pays to have the right mentors at your side - people who've done it before successfully that can show you the way. Whether you are struggling to find clients, trying desperately to keep the ones you've got or simply feeling overwhelmed and burnt out in a saturated market, the Fitness Entrepreneur Summit is what you've been looking for.
Are You a Health & Fitness Entrepreneur?
Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn how to build, grow and scale your fitness business today.

Are you frustrated with generating leads or getting your clients to keep coming back? Do you feel like your market is saturated and finding it difficult to rise above the noise?

Top Fitness Professionals will reveal all in this free online conference - they describe exactly what they do to succeed and the hard lessons learnt along the way.
We wanted to know exactly what it takes to succeed in the health and fitness industry TODAY, so we got in touch with proven entrepreneurs and interviewed them all. Each in-depth interview case study contains a lifetime's worth of proven strategies, unconventional advice and years of experience.
We structured each interview as a case study, and you'll be blown away when you hear how these 35+ Market Dominating Fitness Entrepreneurs detail exactly how they started out, the challenges they overcame and the mindset required to succeed in this highly-competitive market - even if the odds are against you. 
Is this right for you?
IMPORTANT: You should only sign up if you are a health and fitness professional and you want to learn how to build, grow and scale your health and fitness business in today’s crowded environment.
Fitness Professionals
If you're a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor or Health Coach then you definitely don't want to miss this.
Gym and Studio Owners
Current or aspiring Gym and Studio Owners will benefit from the deep insight provided by our guests.
Content creators
Writers, bloggers, authors and online course creators in the Health and Fitness industries will learn how to market and scale your products.
Physical Health and Fitness Products
There's even something for you if you manufacture, produce, market, sell and/or distribute supplements, healthy meals, health foods and other edible products.
Learn from amazing people
Health and Fitness Entrepreneurs with proven track records
Who are the experts?
We hand-picked experts who are at the top of their game. These are industry-leading fitness entrepreneurs who are moving and shaking the world with their message. They beat the odds and are dominating in their fields through their passion, dedication and hard work. 

Despite their busy schedules, each of the experts jumped on board for an in-depth interview and delivered some of their deepest insights, most powerful business lessons and winning strategies to help you succeed in your own entrepreneurial journey.
Our schedule is jam packed with world-leading fitness entrepreneurs from all areas in the health and fitness industries. Scroll down to the curriculum section below to see who's speaking.

Their specialities range from business development and marketing and PR for fitness businesses, supplement manufacturing and distribution, to online personal training providers, gym owners, personal trainers and coaches, instructors and authors.

We wanted to bring you stories from PROVEN entrepreneurs who have demonstrated their resilience and mindset for success that we feel is essential for any entrepreneur to survive.

Each of them has established their brands in the industry, despite the noise and competition, and many of them have gone on to grow their businesses into 7 and 8 figure empires.

This is the first time in history that they are all together for you to learn from in one place to build, grow and scale your health and fitness business.

In the Fitness Entrepreneur Summit they will show you exactly how they did it, what the key elements of success were for them, the mindset that kept them going, and how they were able to pull it off time and time again.
Experts are featured in:
Easy to follow curriculum
The Summit will cover 7 essential components to help your fitness business grow.
We structured the Fitness Entrepreneur Summit in a way that actually teaches you actionable strategies in a clear, logical approach.

Anyone can bombard you with a bunch of interviews and call it a day, but we wanted to do something different that actually makes a lasting impact on your personal and business life. 

We therefore categorised and structured the interviews in the Fitness Entrepreneur Summit into 7 essential curriculum components, similar to what you'd expect in a training course.

Together, these components provide you with the perspective necessary to build and grow a successful business in today's challenging business environment. 
Section 1: The Foundations of Mindset & Business
This is the first of 7 components in the Fitness Entrepreneur Summit. It is designed to open up your mind towards a success and growth mindset. This will help you to think outside the box and look at new ways of approaching how you do business.
Building a 7-figure fitness business through systemisation and automated income streams.
Turning $2k into a multi-million Dollar business servingthe fitness, personal development and entrepreneurial markets.
From failed PT  to one of Ireland's most successful entrepreneurs - How Pat helped 11,000 clients in 4 years.
How to smash through your self-limiting beliefs and achieveexcellence in your business and your life.
How Andrew helps his clients develop the ultimate mindset toallow them to earn millions of Dollars per year .
How to achieve anything you want in business by developing yourgoals and cultivating an indestructible mindset.
How to get paid while eating breakfast and connect with themost successful people in your industry.
Surround yourself with the right people and keep learning - How Phil had people beating down his door fortraining and nutrition advice.
Section 2: Building Your Business From Scratch
A mix of inspiration and motivation, as well as high level principle advice on how to start your business from nothing - and turn it into a successful brand that is recognised the world over.
The functional medicine specialist - How Dr Fionnula McHale hasbuilt a highly successful business from scratch by making healthy people healthier.
How Al Barratt built the world's fastest growing supplementcompany from £500 into £35 million in just 6 years.
Fuelling the fitness industry - how to create a successful mealpreparation and delivery business from the ground up.
How Simon went from building gym equipment in his garage to becoming one ofthe world's best known gym equipment brands.
Section 3: Niching and Finding Your Ideal Customers
Designed to teach you the importance of truly understanding your customer avatar and developing your niche so that you can specifically target and help your 'tribe'.
Online coaching - How to find a profitable niche and earn well over 6 figures per year as an online coach.
How to become a pioneer in your field and build a ground breaking global brand.
How Darren helps hundreds of successful busy guys get in great shape and also helps fitness professionals get their businesses in shape.
Section 4: Strategic Insights from Industry Legends
We speak to the heavyweights of the industry. They share their war stories on how they got to where they are today. These are some of our most successful guests and we talk success principles and mindset.
Strategies on how to create passive income streams, sell your PT services, grow an online business and get more clients.
Strength and Conditioning Coach, BJJ Master and all round fitness industry veteran - what Steve Maxwell has learnt over several decades as he has seen the fitness industry evolve.
Dreaming bigger, working harder and sleeping faster - How Tony went from $250,000 of debt to being business partners with Arnold Schwarzenegger.
How to build a multi million Dollar brand by focusing on getting people the best possible results.
Section 5: Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales
The focus is on how to get customers through the door. How to find customers, how to interact and communicate with them and how to turn them into long term clients that know, like and trust you.
A comprehensive guide to internet marketing, public speaking, building a successful online business and how to build your confidence.
Marketing and sales - how to find the perfect customer and close sales like a pro.
Marketing 101 for fitness professionals - how to increase sales revenue and profits for your business.
From bootcamps to masterminds - How to use email marketing to generate daily sales and a six-figure fitness business.
10 Steps to Press - How to get your health and fitness business featured in top media publications and maximise your exposure.
How to position yourself in a way that allows you to develop a loyal tribe of customers who believe in your message.
Section 6: Building a highly successful fitness facility
This section contains a collection of the most successful gym owners on the roster. They have built incredible gym facilities from the ground up and have become the 'go-to' experts in their areas when it comes to personal training and coaching.
From engineer to gym owner - how to start from scratch and succeed in the fitness industry despite an economic recession.
Focus on quality over quantity and work, work, work - The secret to building a 7 figure training studio and doubling turnover year on year.
From a school playground to a state of the art gym facility - how to grow your fitness business no matter how small you start.
How to supercharge your success in the fitness industry by understanding human behaviour and how to work efficiently with your clients.
How to master the principles of marketing over the tactics in order to create multiple profitable fitness businesses.
Trust your gut in business and deliver results to your clients- How to go from commercial PT to owning your own successful training studio in less than a year (and at the age of 20).
Using the right technology, at the right time, to help your fitness business perform better.​
Section 7: Online Fitness Business Models
Online fitness professionals show you how to build and grow a successful online fitness business. They discuss lifestyle benefits, the ability to reach more people globally and the ways in which you can transition into the online space or start your online business from scratch.
From unhappy Physio to highly successful Fit Pro - how Rachel developed multiple online brands which allow her to travel the world and help thousands of women.
From Journeyman Cabinet Maker to Fitness Entrepreneur - How Brett built one of the fastest growing fitness brands in Australia.
Shredded by Science - Luke's mission to raise the bar in the fitness coaching and make the fitness industry a better place.
Software - How William and his team developed an online training platform used daily by over 25,000 coaches and fitness enthusiasts.
How increase client results and retention while saving yourself time and stress by implementing the right training software in your business.
How Ru went from 9-5 Engineer to building a highly successful online training community.
From unhealthy and pre-diabetic to physique competitor and successful fitness professional - how Mike used his own transformation to inspire and help hundreds of others.
How to build and grow an online training business generating 7 figures annually.
The Online Super Coach - how to create a million Dollar online fitness brand.
What will you learn?
We broke down the key aspects of building, operating, marketing and growing your health and fitness business, and interviewed each of our expert guests on the key areas that play to these specific outcomes.
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Comprehensive Curriculum
Understand the unique aspects of building a successful business in the health and fitness industry.
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Build a Successful Business You Can Be Proud Of
With these strategies you will build a business that stands the test of time and over-delivers value to your clients. 
Who is hosting this online summit?
We're a team of entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts in Australia, and we're SUPER excited to bring you this event!
Niall, Jurgen and Michael from Nicheinterview.com are entrepreneurs from Australia with a passion helping others succeed. We believe that building a strong support network of mentors and learning from them is a critical characteristic of being an entrepreneur. 

The Fitness Entrepreneur Summit is built to help you as a health and fitness entrepreneur to learn from those who have been successful before you. We are proud to bring you this online event free of charge - that's right - now you have no more excuses. The time for sitting idle whilst others build their businesses is over. You owe it to yourself - and at no charge this is a prime opportunity to get insights from people you may not otherwise have access to. 

Sign up now. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 
Niall Rooney
Host - Fitness Entrepreneur Summit 2016
Jurgen van Pletsen
Founder - Nicheinterview.com
Michael Pipicelli
Producer - Nicheinterview.com